About Us

What made a bunch of us get together to create www.pokies-online.co.nz? There’s quite a few reasons, actually.

Firstly, it came out of a desire to share all the stuff we’ve learned about online casinos over the years, so you don’t have to spend as much time as we did finding great sites to play at! We wanted to create a site where New Zealand online pokies players could come to find expert advice that’s unbiased, based on real experiences, and that has info you can rely on. That’s why there’s loads of information on the site that we reckon is essential for anyone wanting to get value from their gaming dollar.


We’ve all played at plenty of online casinos, and so we think our casino reviews are amongst the best there is. We go into it all in depth — games, software providers, bonuses, promotions, customer support — in fact, everything that goes into making your online gaming experience an enjoyable one, and helps you choose the casino site that’s right for you.


We all love online pokies of every kind, and so we review all of the many categories of games, from classic old-school 3 reel slot machines games, to the latest themed pokies, to hot new release 5 reel pokies, to the biggest and best progressive jackpot slots. When we review an online pokies game, we tell you what you need to know about your wagering options, the quality of the gameplay and graphics, the jackpot payouts, and what you need to do to win them.


The Welcome Bonus can be an essential part of your decision about playing at one online casino over another. Our reviews cover these in minute detail and tell you everything you need to know about whether you’re going to get value from a signup deal, from the type of bonus it is, to how much you need to deposit to claim, to the playthrough and any other conditions attached.


Everyone here likes to keep their eyes peeled for a good free spins bonus offer, so with the online casinos that we recommend, we check their promotions and other deals regularly and them promote them to our readers, as we don’t want to hog all the good value for ourselves! Sometimes we’re in the position of being able to give you exclusive offers as well, and have links to special promotions that mean you get a better deal than other players.


Because we have so much experience in playing online pokies and other casino games, we’ve amassed a pretty fair body of knowledge over the years. That’s why you’ll find the pages here packed with useful tips and advice on a whole variety of topics, including how to get the fastest payouts, where to find free pokies games, how to keep an eye on your bankroll, and strategies for playing a whole range of games.

So if you’re looking for advice from online gaming experts, you’ve come to right place! The team here at pokiestown.com are all really experienced players so we have a pretty good idea about what others are looking for from a site like this. Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or someone who already knows their way around online casinos, there’s plenty here that we reckon you’ll find helpful. Let us know what you think!

Why not start with our casino reviews and online pokies review pages, and take it from there.

Jim Kane

Like a lot of the guys and gals here at pokiestown.com, I started playing at online casinos sort of by accident. I loved video games and stuff when I was a kid, and although I’m still into gaming, I wanted something with a bit more edge and excitement. I’d been to Sky City in Auckland a few times and thought that was pretty cool, so combining the two things seemed like a natural progression. I’ve never looked back!

As well as writing for pokiestown.com, I also help to manage a co-working space in Wellington that lots of tech people and start-ups use, so I get to meet some pretty interesting people doing this, and have actually been able to recruit one or two people to help out on this site! We might expand and open another one soon, as this one’s doing so well, but that’s all still at the planning stage.

If I’m not working, I’m a bit of a movie buff (sci-fi and action stuff, mostly), love travelling and seeing new places, and — which is a surprise to most people who know me — learning languages. I’m fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and have been learning Mandarin and Korean for about three years. I’m at a reasonable conversational level, but don’t expect to see me writing any casino reviews in either of these any time soon!

Online pokies are always my game of choice, and I have a bit of a soft spot for NetEnt games, although if a game is good, I don’t really care who the producer is. Having played online slots for quite a few years now, I’ve really enjoyed seeing how elements of gameplay and design come in and out of fashion and, for a game that is relatively straightforward, how there is now so much variety and choice.